David Carlson

Duration: 00:12:00
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: Rental

Quick Overview

Through the invisible aura of air
and space, hear echoes of music, of infinite grace.

A chorus sings through the night
with luminous voices as the heavens ignite Lyra and
Libra, Borealis bright, Cassiopeia, flickers
of light.

Eternal beyond earth in a place
beyond air, the answers of angels are the pleasures
of prayer.

Linking icons, beholding Aries or Orion,
visions of spirits, Lupus and lion, eagle and dove,
stargazing eyes stare above searching the dark
for an extreme reply, far past the moon and beyond
the sky.

Hear the gathering song, celestial
and clear, swirling over clouds in the vast atmosphere,
worlds beyond words, in this music of spheres, sweeping
past earth and humanity's fears, exalting light
as darkness nears.

Sing of the solstice, of Venus
and Mars, praising the cosmos, all planets and
stars, sing of the heavens, so lavishly ours.

Saturnian splendor is the beauty
of rings, Cassini's division of immense imaginings.

Beyond the father of Saturn, the god
of each sea, turns winged Mercury, and Hades' lord,
beckoning all to space unexplored.

Among jovian giants are Galilean moons
with galaxies countless, endless, starstrewn.

Spirals and spectrums of pale blue
flame, continuous, evolving, as their masses became
waves of light, strings of air, eleven dimensions
that tear and repair.

Novae upon novae everywhere.

Hear shadows of sound within mysterious
dark, drifting from our earth to the sidereal spark.

Space beyond years is of time unseen,
signs and dimensions, sublime as dreams.

Now sing a nocturne of quasars and stars,
praising our universe, its radiance bright, holding this moment
through rapturous, night.

Darkening dust, diminishing light, lost
prisms of color drawn into white, comets fading faster
than sight, see Capella and Vega and Antares' fire.

Heaven is singing.

Here is its choir.

Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by Glimmerglass Opera for its Young American Artist Program and to celebrate its 25th Anniversary Season with a grant from the Carol Franc Buck Foundation
Composition Date 2000
Orchestration SATB soloists, SATB chorus; hp., vn.(4), va.(2), vc.(2), db.
Premiere 20th August, 2000. Glimmerglass Opera, Cooperstown, NY.