Musical Time

Ed Soph

Text by Ed Soph
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Performing Ensemble: Percussion Unaccompanied
Instrumentation: Percussion
Item Number: DRM113
Number of Pages: 62
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

Ed's book and play-along CD are a must for anyone serious about playing musical time in a jazz setting. Drummers with little experience in this style of playing will begin their study with the correct concepts and techniques and develop the proper "basics" for lifelong improvement. The developing player and the professional will find this material so logical that they won't believe how quickly and easily their groove will deepen, their time will be right in the pocket, their ability to swing will intensify and their musical playing and improvising will reach new heights.

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What This Book Is About
The Play-along Tracks and How To Use Them
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Some General Ideas About Set-up
Section 3: The Ride Pattern
Section 4: Preliminary Quarter-note Exercises
Section 5: Subdividing the Wuarter Notes of the Ride Rhythm: The Shuffle
Section 6: Combinations of Quarter Notes and Double-eighth Notes
Section 7: Playing Combinations of Singles and Doubles to Create Non-repetitive Ride Patterns
"Section 8: Non-repetitive Ride Patterns with Double-eighths (""Shuffle"") on Snare and Bass Drums"
Section 9: Single Eighth-note Offbeat Exercises (The Third Note of the Eighth-note Triplet)
Section 10: Single Offbeat Eighth- and Quarter-note Combinations
Section 11: Accent Technique Exercises
Section 12: The Challenge
About Ed Soph