Take It To The Street

Stanton Moore

Text by Stanton Moore
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Performing Ensemble: Percussion Unaccompanied
Instrumentation: Percussion
Item Number: DRM115
Number of Pages: 79
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

In this book, the reader will learn about the history of street beats, second-line, and the Mardi Gras Indians as well as the importance of clave to New Orleans drumming. The reader will also learn how to put a New Orleans spin on traditional rhythms like mambo, guaguanco, shuffle, and samba. Stanton also teaches the reader how to play between the cracks, bring more inflection and variation to a groove, and how to incorporate a bit of Crescent City flavor into linear playing. Drummers of all styles should pick up this book to improve your groove, expand your vocabulary and learn to Take It To The Street. The downloadable audio includes performances by the Dirty Dozen, George Porter, and Ivan Neville.

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Additional Information


A Brief History of Street Beats
Practice Tips
Notation Key
Chapter 1: A Traditional Approach to Second-line Rhythms
Chapter 2: Playing in between the Cracks
Chapter 3: A Modern Approach to Second-line Rhythms
Chapter 4: LLRL-RLRR
Chapter 5: Additional 3-2 Grooves
Chapter 6: Mardi Gras Indian Grooves
Chapter 7: Mardi Gras Indian Rhythms for Percussion
Chapter 8: Inflecting and Varying the Groove
Chapter 9: New Orleans Spin
Chapter 9: New Orleans Spin
Chapter 9: New Orleans Spin
Chapter 9: New Orleans Spin
Chapter 9: New Orleans Spin
Chapter 9: New Orleans Spin
Chapter 10: Tambourine Grooves
Chapter 11: Linear... New Orleans Style
Chapter 12: Fills
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