Playing With Drum Loops

Donald Gruendler

Text by Donald Gruendler
Performing Ensemble: Percussion Unaccompanied
Instrumentation: Percussion
Item Number: DRM120
Number of Pages: 98
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

In this book, drummers will get the tools needed to improve their musicianship and add the use of loops to their repertoire to make them a complete package! In addition, DJs and Electronica artists will be able to add more musical and intricate layers to their sound. Home recording enthusiasts will find that they will gain valuable insight and better command over their computer based recording programs while giving their work a more authentic feel. Gruendler shows the reader in a clear and concise manner how to work with and master the use of music and percussion loops in addition to backing tracks. Included with this book are 2 CDs that feature examples and ideas for all the material presented in each chapter as well as demonstrations on how to put it all together.

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  • Playing With Drum Loops
  • Playing With Drum Loops

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CD Track Listing
About the Author
Notation and Chart Reading Key
The Fundamental Four
Total Accompaniment
Chapter 1: Rock and Metal Loops
Chapter 1: Rock and Metal Loops
Chapter 1: Rock and Metal Loops
Chapter 2: Pop Rock Loops
A Note on Swing Phrasing
Section 2A
Section 2B
Section 2C
Section 2D
Section 2E
Section 2F
Section 2G
Section 2H
Pop Rock One-Bar Combination Solo
Pop Rock Two-Bar Combination Solo
Feel Answers
The Radio Treatment (For Use with Chapters 1 and 2)
Chapter 3: Hip Hop and R&B Loops
Section 3A: 85 bpm
Section 3B: Straight Feel
Section 3C: Broken Feels
"Hip-Hop Loops, Beat Placement and Feel Answers"
Drop Outs (for Use with Chapters 2 and 3)
Fills (forUse with Chapters 2 and 3)
Chapter 4: Percussion Loops
The Fundamentals 5-8
Section 4A: Straight Feel
Section 4B: Swing Feel
Chapter 5: Instrumental Loops
Play within the Feel of the Instrumental Loop
Rock and Metal Individual Loop Phrases
Pop Rock Individual Loop Phrases
Hip-Hop Individual Loop Phrases
Timed Sound FX (Effects)
Chapter 6: Backing TRacks
Rock and Metal Backing Track 1
Rock and Metal Backing TRack 2
Rock and Metal Backing Trcak 3
Pop Rock Backing Track 1
Pop Rock Backing Track 2
Pop Rock Backing Track 3
Hip-Hop Backing Track 1
Hip-Hop Backing Track 2
Hip-Hop Backing Track 3
Appendix A: Vocabulary
Appendix B: Working Method Concepts
Appendix C: In-Depth Working Methods
Appendix D: My Setup
Appendix E: Software and it's Concepts
Appendix F: The REal World
Appendix G: Supplemental Texts