A Manual On How To Play The 5-String Banjo

Wayne Erbsen

Text by Wayne Erbsen
Book with Download
Instrumentation: Banjo
Item Number: PCB103
Number of Pages: 50
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


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  • A Manual On How To Play The 5-String Banjo
  • A Manual On How To Play The 5-String Banjo
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The Banjo
Dusting off your Banjo
How to Lower the Action
Where to Place the Bridge
Old-time Tone
What to Look for When Buying a Banjo
Which Fingers to Use
To all Banjo Players with Fat, Short. Long or Otherwise Deformed Fingers
Tuning in G
How to Tune the Banjo to Itself
The Chords
Old-time Banjo Styles
Clawhammer Style
The Right Hand
The Accent of the "Bump Dit-ty"
How to Read the Tablature
Playing Your Foot
Musical Notation
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Skip to My Lou
Cripple Creek
Old Joe Clark
Wildwood Flower
Sugar Hill
Hop Along Peter
Sawmill Tuning
Cluck Old Hen
Wild Bill Jones
Little Sadie
C Tuning
The Chords In C Tuning
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
Who's Goin' Down to Town?
Old Molly Hare
Johnson Boys
Sweet Sunny South
How To Cook A Groundhog
Ground Hog
Sail Away Ladies
c Minor Tuning
Messing With the Law
Shady Grove
Drop Thumbing
Bile Em Cabbage Down
Daddy's On A Spree
Mulley's Daughter
Playing In Other Keys
Which Way From Here?
Bajo-Playing As A Con Game
The Secret Of Playing The Banjo Revealed!
A Word About The Author