Gold are my Flowers

A cantata/melodrama for soprano, baritone and chamber group.

Curtis O.B. Curtis-Smith

Text: Based on poems by Chickasaw poet Linda Hogan, written especially for this piece; portions of the Navajo Night Chant; Christopher Columbus, Biblical
Publisher: Piedmont/E.B. Marks
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Commission Commissioned by DaCamera, Houston, Texas, for the Columbus Quincentennial year.
Duration 44'
Orchestration Solo Sop., Solo Bar.; Fl.(dbl. Picc., A.Fl.) Cl. Tpt.; 1Perc. Pno. Guit. Vln. Vcl. Cb.
Premiere December 5, 1992 - Houston, Texas DaCamera Soloists: Carolann Page, soprano Jan Opalach, baritone


I. They Sing from Earth and Sky
II. In the Name of the Lord
III. In First Light
IV. The Naming Aria
V. You Can Smell the Flowers
VI. "2 January, 1493"
VII. The Blessed Gold
VIII. They Have the Softest and Gentlest Voices (Credo)
IX. Buffalo / O Lo...