Lady Neil's Dumpe

Martin Bresnick

Duration: 00:12:00
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: Rental

Quick Overview

Lady Neil's Dumpe (1987) takes its title from a number of sources, most prominently the earliest known English keyboard composition My Lady Careys Dompe (c. 1525). My Lady Careys Dompe is completely interpolated into the new work. The "Lady" of the title is a sign of respect for the dedicatee, Neil Rolnick, as in the Jazz tradition of "Lady" Lester Young and "Lady" Day (Billie Holliday). A Dompe (also Dumpe, or Dump) was a Renaissance dance, but also, more recently, a storage location for files in computer memory.

Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by Sequitur
Composition Date 1987
Orchestration DX7 digital synthesizer; TX 816 driven by Mac computer
Premiere 1987