Lips Of Steel

22 Endurance Etudes for Trombone (And Baritone B.C.) Plus The Warm-Up/Embouchure Conditioner

David Baldwin

Edited by Alan Raph
Lips of Steel
22 Endurance Etudes
Performing Ensemble: Trombone Unaccompanied
Instrumentation: Trombone
Item Number: 444-41029
Publisher: Merion Music, Inc.
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

Alan Raph has adapted trumpet virtuoso David Baldwin’s Lips of Steel method for the trombone, and now trombone players can experience tremendous satisfaction when reaching the end of a piece with strength, resilience, and breath remaining for that last note! In other words, playing with endurance. Baldwin wasn’t born with this ability – he learned it, and Raph’s edition allows trombone players to learn it too.

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Additional Information

Editor Raph, Alan


How and Why to Use This Book (David Baldwin)
FOREWORD to the trombonist (Alan Raph)
The Seven Secrets of Endurance
Warm-up/Embouchure Conditioner
1. Power Through Rest
2. Dynamic Exaggeration
3. Chunking
4. Sing From the Heart
5. Building the Dynamics
6. Mindful Waiting
7. Shorten the Long Notes
8. The Low Blow
9. A Line at a Time
10. Time Your Rest
11. Tonguing Variety
12. Steady Embouchure
13. Count While Resting
14. Blast From the Past
15. Release the Pressure
16. Breathe Long
17. Twelve-tone Challenges
18. Breathe Strong
19. Marching Intervals
20. Lip Slur Magic
21. Slower Wins the Race
22. Romantic Style