Pied Piper of Hamelin

for Narrator, Solo Flute, Piano and Violins (Divided into 3 Sections)

Netty Simons

Publisher: Merion Music, Inc.
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Based on Robert Browning?s poem, which is in turn based on the old legend, which says that many hundreds of years ago, when musical magic may have been more powerful than it is today, a plague of rats descended upon the sleepy German town of Hamelin, and nothing could be done to drive them away. Just when the burghers were ready to throw up their hands in despair, a strange fellow appeared, dressed in outlandish (?pied?) garments of yellow and red and carrying a harmless looking pipe.

The piper offered to rid the town of its rats, and the mayor and his Corporation only too willingly laughed and offered a big payment. The stranger unlimbered his pipe and blew a magical tune that coaxed the rats from their hiding places and on to the river Weser into which they all plunged and perished. But when the piper came to collect his fee, the mayor refused to keep his part of the bargin. Angry at being cheated, the piper started playing another, sweeter tune. This time he led the town?s children away as well.

In 1955, Netty Simons set the story to music. Using all the violins of a large orchestra and a piano, she painted a musical picture of the townspeople and their fat leaders, and of their joy as they watched the rats running out of the houses into the river ? and of their horror at seeing their children taken away. The sound of the flute is used to represent the piper.

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Additional Information

Composition Date 1955
Duration 00:18:00