Bass Is Best!

Yorke Mini-Bass Book 1

Caroline Emery
Franz Joseph Haydn

Edited by Rodney Slatford
Instrumentation: Contrabass, Piano
Item Number: 514-05069
Publisher: Yorke Editions
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

Yorke Mini-Bass Book 1 by Caroline Emery, Rodney Slatford and others. The much-acclaimed book for beginners; aimed at young children from the age of seven, this volume is the product of Caroline Emery's pioneering work as a leading teacher of the Yorke Mini-Bass Project. Chosen by AMEB (Australian Syllabus).

Additional Information

Editor Slatford, Rodney
Publisher ID YE0090


Anonymous: Sarabande
Emery: A Gentle Tune
Emery: Abandoned Bass
Emery: Aeroplanes
Emery: Andantino
Emery: Animal Band
Emery: Arpeggio Fun
Emery: Baby Sardine
Emery: Bass Folk
Emery: Bass Line
Emery: Bee's Song
Emery: Being Serious
Emery: Bell Song
Emery: Boating
Emery: Calypso
Emery: Catch Me If You Can
Emery: Chaconne
Emery: Cheeky
Emery: Climbing Higher Now
Emery: Copy Cat
Emery: Croatian Tune
Emery: Dancing Bass
Emery: Dinosaur Dance
Emery: Distant Trumpets
Emery: Don Pedro
Emery: Donkey Cart
Emery: Donkey Trot
Emery: Down Up
Emery: Duck Dance
Emery: Duo
Emery: Fat Ladies Waltz
Emery: Fingers Forward
Emery: Fitznells Round
Emery: Gavin's Tune
Emery: Going Down
Emery: Hammock-Pavane
Emery: Happy End
Emery: Heffalump Dance
Emery: Hop Skip Jump
Emery: I Can Play
Emery: I Like Baked Beans
Emery: In The Jungle
Emery: Jester Song
Emery: Jogging Now
Emery: Knocking On The Door
Emery: Land Dance
Emery: Leaping Lords
Emery: Little Waltz
Emery: London's Burning
Emery: March
Emery: March
Emery: Marching Double Bass
Emery: Name Tune
Emery: Name Tunes
Emery: Nice And Smooth
Emery: Off To Piccadilly
Emery: Old Abra'm Brown
Emery: Orange-Peal
Emery: Peg-A-Leg-Ted
Emery: Perpetuum Mobile
Emery: Piccadilly Circus
Emery: Playing It In Three
Emery: Ploughman's Song
Emery: Portly Dance
Emery: Pretty Polly
Emery: Remember That Note I Hope
Emery: Rocking Slowly
Emery: Round Manchester
Emery: Sad Double Bass
Emery: School Round
Emery: Ship Ahoy
Emery: Slow And Mysterious
Emery: Slow Dance
Emery: Strawberry Cream
Emery: Sunshine
Emery: Swing Time
Emery: Swinging
Emery: Teamwork
Emery: The Cuckoo
Emery: The Little Sailor
Emery: The Old Shire Horse
Emery: The Singing Hippo
Emery: Trooping The Colour
Emery: Tune In G
Emery: Uncle Bob
Emery: Walk Into C
Emery: Waltz For Bass
Emery: Waltzing Bass
Haydn: Song
Slatford: Grandfather Clock
Slatford: Scale Insects
Slatford: Welsh Hungarian Dance
Traditional: Bass Part For Lightly Row
Traditional: Bass Pour Frere Jacques
Traditional: Bellringer, Pray Give Us Some Peace
Traditional: Bobby Shaftoe Duo Game
Traditional: By The Light Of The Moon
Traditional: French Folk Song
Traditional: Frere Jacques
Traditional: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Traditional: Hot Cross Buns
Traditional: In My Little Snuff Box
Traditional: Kelvin Grove
Traditional: Kookaburra
Traditional: Lavender's Blue
Traditional: Lightly Row
Traditional: London Bridge Is Falling Down
Traditional: Macdonald's Farm
Traditional: Old Macdonald
Traditional: Oranges And Lemons
Traditional: Paddy Whack
Traditional: Row The Boat
Traditional: Skip To My Lou
Traditional: The Ash Grove
Traditional: The Blue Bells Of Scotland
Traditional: The Noble Duke Of York
Traditional: This Old Man
Traditional: Twinkle Amabile