Yorke Studies Vol.2

Hector Louis Berlioz
Marc Berthomieu
Robert Schumann
Bedrich Smetana
T. Michaelis
Felix Mendelssohn
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
George Frideric Handel
Johann Sebastian Bach
James Waud
David , Tutt

Arranged by
Gustav Laska
Rodney Slatford
P. Stevens
Full Score - Study
Item Number: 514-05076
Publisher: Yorke Editions
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

Both volumes include a glossary of terms, scales, arpeggios and orchestral excerpts.

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Additional Information

Arranger Laska, Gustav , Slatford, Rodney , Stevens, P.
Publisher ID YE0086


Anonymous: Daisie's Dumpe
Arne: A-hunting We Wil Go
Bach: Gavotte and Musette
Beethoven: Orchestral Excerpt: Symphony No.5
Beethoven: Orchestral Study: Symphony No. 2
Beethoven: Orchestral Study: Symphony No. 6
Beethoven: To the Night
Berlioz: Orchestral Excerpt: Dream of A Witches' Sabbath
Berlioz: Orchestral Excerpt: Witches' Round Dance
Berthomieu: Floril¨ge Musical No. 6
Carroll: Five Short Studies
Field: Mock Baroque
Foster: Campdown Races
Handel: The People that Walked in Darkness
Hause: Exercise for Tone, in Fifths
Kupfer: A Little Legato
Kupfer: Study in Ab
Laska: Arpeggio Study in C
Laska: Chiarina
Laska: Discovering Harmonics
Laska: Left Hand Study on the A string
Laska: More Adventures with Harmonics
Laska: Scale Study in C
Laska: Scherzo-Polka
Laska: Storm on the E string
Laska: Strengthen your Fingers!
Laska: Strolling Along
Laska: Work for the Fingers
Mendelssohn: Orchestral Excerpt: Overture to Ruy Blas
Michaelis: A Little Study in C# minor
Michaelis: A minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: Agility Study in F
Michaelis: All in the Second Position
Michaelis: Bowing Exercises in C minor
Michaelis: C major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: C minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: C# minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: D major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: D minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: D# minor and Eb minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercise
Michaelis: Db major Arpeggios and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: Eb major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
Michaelis: Exercise in B minor
Michaelis: Exercise in C
Michaelis: Exercise in G
Michaelis: Leaping Octaves and Crossing Fourths
Michaelis: Mini Melody
Michaelis: Octaves and Sharps
Michaelis: Off We Go!
Michaelis: Slurring and Crossing in E major
Michaelis: Snakes and Ladders
Michaelis: Study in E minor
Mozart: A Little Melody
Mozart: Orchestral Excerpt: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Rondo)
Mozart: Orchestral Excerpt: Overture The Marriage of Figaro
Scelba: Andante
Scelba: Barcarolle
Scelba: Cantilena
Scelba: Drinking Song
Scelba: Prelude
Scelba: Scherzo
Scelba: Scherzo and Trio
Schumann: Childrens' Song
Slatford: Bb major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises D string
Slatford: Thirds in Eb major
Slatford: Upside Down
Smetana: Orchestral Excerpt: Overture the Bartered Bride
Traditional: Charlie is my Darling
Traditional: Come Lasses and Lads
Traditional: Comin' Thro' the Rye
Traditional: Early One Morning
Traditional: Fieldmarshal Blucher
Traditional: German Folk Melody
Traditional: High Germany
Traditional: Johne Devisonn's Pint of Win
Traditional: Ladie Rothemayis Lilt
Traditional: Old French Song
Traditional: Old King Cole
Traditional: Sei Cara
Traditional: Sleep, My Dear Child
Traditional: The Camp of the Palace
Traditional: The Fox Jumped over the Parson's Gate
Traditional: The Girl I left Behind
Traditional: The Keiking Glasse
Traditional: The Lincolnshire Poacher
Traditional: The Miller of Dee
Traditional: The Mountain Ash
Tutt: Six Pieces
Waud: Flat Hunting!
Waud: Slurs and Staccatos
Waud: Study for Slurring
Waud: Study in Eb
Waud: Study in F# major