More Themes for Therapy

Clive Robbins
Carol Robbins
Paul Nordoff
Alan Turry
Kaoru Robbins
David Marcus
John Buchanan
Frank Wagner
John Mahoney
Jill Buchanan
Douglas Keith
Colin Lee
Joseph F. Fidelibus
Jacqueline Birnbaum

Piano Reduction/Vocal Score
Instrumentation: Piano, Voice, Guitar
Item Number: VF4
Number of Pages: 120
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


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More Themes for Therapy was created by popular demand resulting from the success of the original Themes for Therapy. As in the first book, every piece of music in this collection was either specially composed or improvised for individual or group therapy and has been used successfully by professional therapists and their clients. There are materials here suitable for all age groups, from preschool children to geriatric clients. Music therapists, music teachers, music specialists working in special education, and musically skilled activity therapists will appreciate the music in this collection. The creativity of these musical activities and songs can be used to achieve non-musical goals.

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It's Good to See You
It's Fun to Make Music
Good Morning
It's So Exciting!
It's Nice To See You in the Music Room
Don't Be A Stranger
Before We Part
Find A Way to Say Goodbye
Bye-Bye Blues
Ready to Say Goodbye
We Just Want to Say... Goodbye
Now It's Time to End
It's Time to Say Goodbye
Goodbye Everyone
Left and Right
Clap Our Hands
Roll It Across the Floor
Shall We Take a Little Walk?
We Are Walking Together
Shall We Take a Little Walk Around the Room?
I Can Sing
The Animal Song
Singing in the Microphone
The Play-A-Long Song
I Am I
I Have a Friend
Something's Gonna Happen
Calling Bells
Quiet Chimes
Bell Dance
Listen to the Bells
Morning Bells
Underwater Bells
Bel Canto
Listen to the Bells Shake
Baby Ragtime
Two Drums and One Cymbal
A Special Way to Beat that Drum
The Silk Road
Day Dreams