Theory Concepts - Book 1

Quincy C. Hilliard

Sounds Spectacular
The Development of Skills in the Language of Music
Instrumentation: Workbook
Item Number: O5190
Number of Pages: 24
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

The basics of music theory and terminology are presented in two special workbooks correlated to the Sounds Spectacular Band Course.

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  • Theory Concepts - Book 1
  • Theory Concepts - Book 1

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Lesson 1: The Staff and Clefs and Measures and Barlines
Lesson 2: Pitch: Note Names and Ledger Lines
Lesson 3: Rhythm: Note and Rest Values I
Lesson 4: Rhythm: Time Signatures I
Lesson 5: Notation
Lesson 6: Mastermind Test I
Lesson 7: Rhythm Terms and Signs: Tempo, Tie
Lesson 8: Accidentals
Lesson 9: Terms and Signs: Form, Slur
Lesson 10: Pitch: Key Signatures
Lesson 11: Musical Games and Puzzles I
Lesson 12: Mastermind Test II
Lesson 13: Pitch: The Half Step, Whole Step and Major Scale
Lesson 14: Terms and Signs: Articulation
Lesson 15: Note and Rest Values II
Lesson 16: Rhythm: Counting Eighth Notes and Rests
Lesson 17: Mastermind Test III
Lesson 18: Terms and Signs: Dynamics
Lesson 19: Musical Games and Puzzles II
Lesson 20: Mastermind Test IV
Lesson 21: Mastermind Final Exam