Lee Hyla

Performing Ensemble: Chamber Orchestra
Duration: 17:00
Publisher: Pembroke Music
Print Status: Rental

Quick Overview

Trans, composed for the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, was written at the MacDowell Colony and in Boston, and was completed in March, 1996. The piece is in three inter-connected movements and is concerned with the transformation of three ideas heard at and near the beginning of the work.

The first idea is a violent statement at the very beginning which involves an extreme expansion and contraction of the registral space; the second idea is a cantabile theme heard mainly in the violins a few seconds into the piece; and the third is a series of chords which reappear periodically and give a sense of context to the development of the other material. The title, in fact, partly refers to the importance of transformation (among other senses that ?trans? implies) of material as an ongoing concern in the piece.

As far as character goes, the first movement opens forcefully and ends questioningly, the second is a still, concentrated expansion of music passed through in the first movement, and the third is a collision and intermingling of new material and moments remembered and reinterpreted from the first and second movements, occasionally appearing in simultaneous separate tempos.

Scores & Parts

Trans - Full Score - Large

Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by the Mary Flagler Carey Charitable Trust
Composition Date 1996
Orchestration 1(dbl. A.Fl.) 2(dbl.E.H.) 2(dbl.E-flat Cl.) 2 - 2 0 0 0; Str.(
Premiere 11th May, 1996, Carnegie Hall. Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.

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