Mount Rainier Search and Rescue

For Saxophone Quartet and Percussion Ensemble

Stephen Lias

Performing Ensemble: Mixed Saxophone Quartet
Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone In Bb, Alto Saxophone In Eb, Tenor Saxophone In Bb, Baritone Saxophone In Eb, Percussion 1 (Xylophone, Vibraphone, Suspended Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal), Percussion 2 (Marimba, Maracas, Suspended Cymbal), Percussion 3 (Chimes, Sampler, Triangle, Suspended Cymbal, Timbales, Crash Cymbals), Percussion 4 (Suspended Cymbal, Timpani, Anvil, Cymbal) Percussion 5 (Chimes, Suspended Cymbal, Tom-Tom, Snare Drumbells), Percussion 6 (Ride Cymbal, Cymbal, Bass Drum, Tom-Tom, Tam-Tam)
Item Number: 494-03095
Publisher: Alias Press
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

Lias' musical tale of a heroic rescue attempt high up the majestic Mount Rainier was inspired by actual events in 2004. The music reflects the all-too-common desperation, cries for help, and heroism (often futile) engendered by disasters, both personal and regional. The themes heard here could as easily be inspired by events in Japan, Haiti, Houston, or Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. A hugely dramatic work for advanced performers.

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