Yellowstone Rhythms

for Bassoon and 10 Instruments

Jay Reise

Publisher: Merion Music, Inc.
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Quick Overview

The version of "Yellowstone Rhythms" for bassoon and piano is a study, written in preparation for composing the definitive version for bassoon and 10 instruments. The situation is similar to Rachmaninoff's composing the two-piano version of the "Symphonic Dances" in preparation for composing the orchestra work.

Composing the piano version of "Yellowstone" - especially working out the rhythms and never before having written a concerto-like piece - gave me the information and knowledge I needed to execute the chamber orchestra version. Harmonically it is essentially the same, though the chamber orchestra version contains significant new contrapuntal material and, of course, much more color. Although the chamber orchestra version is, and has always been, the definitive version, I am pleased that the preliminary piano version is still performable on its own. The bassoon and piano version was performed under the title "Malleable Rhythms" in 1995, by Charles Ullery at the Grand Teton Music Festival. As I reworked and orchestrated the piece, I changed the title to "Yellowstone Rhythms".

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Additional Information

Composition Date 2001
Duration 00:14:23
Orchestration Solo Bsn.; 1(dbl. Picc.) 1 1 0 - 0 0 0 0; Perc. Pno.(Cel.) Str. (
Premiere April 22, 2001 Network for New Music Philadelphia, PA Jan Kryzwicki, Conductor