The Ultimate Guide to Buildng Tone, Technique and Flexibility

Frank Williams (composer)


  • Trombone


Chops: The Ultimate Guide to Building Tone, Technique and Flexibility is a thorough method for brass instruments written by Frank Williams, one of the most respected brass pedagogues in the world. These exercises are not glamorous, but they are the vegetables that all brass players must eat in order to improve their tone, technique and flexibility. This is a one-of-a-kind collection of exercises and insights into mastering the skills necessary to be a solid player on a brass instrument. Williams’ students are living proof that these exercises work, ranging from private students, high school bands, award-winning drum and bugle corps, current composers, band directors, and professional musicians, including Mike Roylance, tubist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. With diligent work, Chops will help current students succeed too.
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Foreward (Larry Clark)
About Frank T. Williams
Introduction: How To Use This Book
Long Tones / Warm-ips
Articulation Exercises
Progressive Articulation
Flexibility and Accuracy
More Accuracy
Progressive Intervals
Alternate Positions
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Chromatic Exercises
Jazz Techniques
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