Melodious Etudes for Horn

Selected from the Vocalises of Marco Bordogni

Marco Bordogni (composer), Larry Clark (arranger), Sean O'Loughlin (arranger), Sean O'Loughlin (editor), Larry Clark (editor)


  • Horn in F


Based on the vocalises of Marco Bordogni, each compilation of etudes is drawn from some of the most musically appealing study material in the vocal repertoire. Carefully transcribed and arranged to be suitable for the study of each instrument, these works represent much more than simply technical studies. A tribute to the great musicianship of this wonderful singer and teacher, Bordogni’s etudes are beautifully expressive in nature and artistically and musically elite.
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Product Type: Methods and Studies
Accompanied: Unaccompanied Solo
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-5987-8
No. 1 Moderato
No. 2 Allegro
No. 3 Allegretto
No. 4 Andante
No. 5 Andantino
No. 6 Andante cantabile
No. 7 Andante cantabile
No. 8 Allegretto grazioso
No. 9 Andante cantabile
no. 10 Andante sostenuto
No. 11 Andante cantabile
No. 12 Allegro moderato
No. 13 Allegro pastorale
No. 14 Andante cantabile
No. 15 Andante con moto
No. 16 Andante
No. 17 Moderato
No. 18 Allegro
No. 19 Allegro
o. 20 Andantino
No. 21 Allegro
No. 22 Allegretto
No. 23 Allegro moderato
No. 24 Andante cantabile
No. 25 Andante
No. 26 Allegro
No. 27 Allegro
No. 28 Allegro moderato
No. 29 Allegretto
No. 30 Allegro
No. 31 Andante cantabile
No. 32 Maestoso
No. 33 Andante
No. 34 Allegro
No. 35 Allegro
No. 36 Allegretto grazioso
N0. 37 Andantino
No. 38 Cantabile
No. 39 Larghetto
No. 40 Andantino
No. 41 Allegro
No. 42 Allegro
No. 43 Andante
No. 44 Valse lente
No. 45 Andantino cantabile
No. 46 Allegretto
No. 47 Larghetto
No. 48 Allegro
No. 49 Allegro moderato
No. 50 Cantabile
No. 51 Allegro
No. 52 Cantabile
No. 53 Andante cantabile
No. 54 Andante sostenuto
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