Another Rag for Rags

For Violin And Piano

Dan Welcher (composer)


  • Violin
  • Piano
Score and Parts
Jorge Mester, musical director at Aspen from 1970 to 1990, had a beloved sheepdog Rags, who became the unofficial mascot of the Festival. When the dog passed in 1981, Mester asked Welcher for a "Requiem for Rags," which became Rag for Rags. This brass and percussion setting begins slowly, in the traditional New Orleans funeral style, then ultimately breaks into a faster, joyful section, "Rags trots into heaven." The brass version was played as a memorial during a concert that summer. Violinist Paul Kantor requested a version for violin and piano, for inclusion on his upcoming CD featuring Welcher's violin concerto. This new version is faithful to the original, including special cues for the violin - notably the special whistle that Mester used to call his dog.
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Duration: 4:30
Tempo: Slow And Lazy (q = 88)
Dedication: for Paul Kantor
Commission Notice: Commissioned by Paul Kantor
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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Product Type: Score and Parts
Accompanied: Accompanied Solo
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