Guitar Lore

Revised Edition

Dennis Sandole (editor)


  • Guitar


Guitar Lore is a compendium of techniques considered essential for the virtuoso guitarist. It first covers left hand position and then right hand pick hold and stroke. Topics covered are the development of a system of jazz chords, chord scales, rhythm studies, sequences both diatonic and chromatic, arpeggios through extensions, scale fingerings in multiple octaves, interval studies, exotic scales, and technical studies of all different types including double stops. Chuck Anderson took dictation from master of modern guitar Dennis Sandole to create this volume.
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Note to the Teacher
The Technique (or Art) of Playing
Right Hand
Left Hand
Alternate Picking
Studies on Diatonic and Chromatic Fingering
Cross Picking
Shifting Fingers (Extended)
Chordal Technique
Chord Families
Scale Harmonization
Cross Picking as Applied to Chords on Scales
Chord Progressions Based on Root Movements
3 Octave Scales
Diatonic and Chromatic Passing Tones (Connecting Chords)
Exotic Scales
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