The Flute Scale Book

A Path to Artistry

Patricia George (author), Phyllis Louke (author)


  • Flute


From pedagogues Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke, The Flute Scale Book is ideal for every flutist from student to professional levels. Its comprehensive and flexible set of study plans includes scale studies, intervals, warm-ups, embouchure development exercises, phrasing guides and practice patterns for groups of six or eight notes. In short, every flutist will benefit greatly from this comprehensive method.
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i. Getting Started
iii. Introduction to Scales
iv. Circle of Fifths
CHAPTER ONE: One Octave Whole Note Scales
Scale studies for the young player and tone exercises for the advanced flutist.
1.00 Sample Practice Plan - Chapter 1
1.01 Practice Guide - Whole Note Scales
1.04 Major Scales
1.05 Melodic Minor Scales
1.06 Major Intervals
1.07 Major and Relative Minor Arpeggios
1.08 Ascending Thirds
1.09 Descending Thirds
1.10 Balancing the Flute
1.10 Trills for Balance
CHAPTER TWO: Phrasing Gestures
What to do with notes. Using movement intelligently for artistic success.
2.01 Practice Guide - Phrasing Gestures
2.04 F Major and Bb Major Scales
2.05 Eb Major and Ab Major Scales
2.06 Db Major and Gb Major Scales
2.07 B Major and E Major Scales
2.08 A Major and D Major Scales
2.09 G Major and C Major Scales
2.10 Practice Guide - Putting It Together
2.11 Major and Relative Melodic Minor Scales
2.12 Major and Parallel Melodic Minor Scales
CHAPTER THREE: Embouchure Development
Develops embouchure flexibility and technical fluency in the third octave
3.00 Sample Practice Plan - Chapter 3
3.01 Practice Guide - Embouchure Development
3.03 Harmonics - Embouchure Flexibility
3.04 Left Hand Scales
3.05 Harmonics - Five Note Scale Patterns
3.06 Play the Fingering Chart
3.07 Third Octave Wiggles
3.08 Third Octave Studies - Short Scales
3.09 Third Octave Chromatic Fingerings
3.10 Fourth Octave Fingerings
CHAPTER FOUR: Audition Scales
An audition strategy for high school and college flutists.
4.00 Sample Practice Plan - Chapter 4
4.01 Audition Preparation Patterns - Two Octave Scales
4.02 Major and Relative Melodic Minor Scales
4.04 Minor Scales - Natural, Harmonic, Melodic
4.07 Scales in Thirds - Major and Relative Melodic Minor
4.11 Practice Guide - Arpeggios and Chord Progressions
4.12 Ascending Arpeggios - Major and Minor
4.13 Ascending Arpeggios - Diminished and Augmented
4.14 Descending Arpeggios - Major and Minor
4.15 Descending Arpeggios - Diminished and Augmented
4.16 Gruppetto Scales - Version 1
4.18 Gruppetto Scales - Version 2
4.19 Octave Scale Rips
4.20 More Rips
CHAPTER FIVE: Scales for a Lifetime
Presents the essential materials needed to develop and maintain a professional technique.
5.00 Sample Practice Plan - Professional
5.01 Five Note Major Scale Patterns - Version 1
5.04 Tone Color Scales - Major and Minor
5.12 Modal Scales in Thirds
5.13 Modal Scales in Sixths
5.14 Pedal Point Arpeggios
5.19 Pedal Point Broken Arpeggios
5.26 Footjoint Patterns
5.27 Kuhlau Bass
5.30 Seventh Chords
5.33 Broken Seventh Chords
5.36 Five Note Major Scale Patterns - Version 2
CHAPTER SIX: A Bouquet of Scales
A collection of scales and patterns that are the building blocks of contemporary music.
6.01 Modal Scales - Version 1
6.03 Modal Scales - Version 2
6.05 Chromatic Scales Preparation
6.06 Two Octave Chromatic Scales
6.07 Three Octave Chromatic Scales
6.08 Chromatic Intervals - Advanced
6.08 Neighboring Tone Triplets
6.09 Chromatic Intervals
6.11 Chromatic Tonguing - Ascending
6.13 Chromatic Tonguing - Descending
6.14 Octatonic and Whole-Tone Scales
6.15 Blues Scales
6.16 Major Pentatonic Scales
6.17 Minor Pentatonic Scales
Practice Patterns for Groups of 8 Notes - Appendix 1
Practice Patterns for Groups of 6 Notes - Appendix 2
Fingering Chart
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