Practice Sequences for The Orchestral Trumpet

Michael Sachs (composer)


  • Trumpet


Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet of The Cleveland Orchestra since 1988, presents a compendium of practice sequences to woodshed and refine over 50 excerpts from the orchestral trumpet literature, from Bach through the modern masters. PRACTICE SEQUENCES shows each original excerpt, followed by a progressive series of work routines to isolate a variety of building-block elements including intervals, rhythm, articulation, intonation, range, and dynamics. These practice sequences lead the performer to accurate facility and performance, while providing practice strategies that are applicable to any other challenging music beyond the examples in the book — a perfect companion to Sachs’ book  THE ORCHESTRAL TRUMPET. PRACTICE SEQUENCES for The Orchestral Trumpet: • Teaches how to practice essential details in 55 passages from 39 orchestral works that you’ll face in auditions and performance. • Teaches how to practice most effectively, providing a thorough set of strategies that you can apply to any other excerpt beyond the book. • Offers the perfect description of how to approach new repertoire challenges through sequential, step-by-step problem solving to build facility. • Is the ideal companion to THE ORCHESTRAL TRUMPET (Presser 414-41227). While the latter presents almost 200 excerpts, PRACTICE SEQUENCES is a detailed study on the process of learning 55 selected excerpts. • Provides a permanent compendium of master classes with Michael Sachs, principal trumpet of the Cleveland Orchestra since 1988.
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ISBN: 978-1-4911-3639-3
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