Flute 101.5

A Method and Duet Collection for the Advanced Beginner Flutist

Patricia George (author), Phyllis Avidan Louke (author)


  • Flute


From the authors of the best-selling FLUTE 101 series, Flute 101.5: Enrichment is a flute method and duet collection for the advanced beginner. It is a bridge between any beginning flute or band method book and Flute 102: Mastering the Basics. It also serves as an enrichment book for flutists advancing through Flute 101 or any other method. Teacher and Student Resource Pages include 15 pages of tips on how to use the book, along with practice pages that enhance learning, technical development, and musicianship. If you or your students have ever asked: How do I balance the flute in my hands? Where do I put my feet while playing? How do I count simple and compound meters? How do I play with a controlled vibrato or phrase expressively? Then Flute 101.5 is for you! The book features: -Photos detailing hand position and stance -Headjoint warm-up including rhythms and sight-reading in simple meter -12 lesson groups, each with three parts -Lessons cover 12 major scales, arpeggios, and chromatic octaves -Introduction to vibrato and its development -Exercises for filling in the subdivision of the beat -Review of third-octave fingerings up to G3 -Introducing vocalise practice -Trill exercises for balancing the flute -Classic etudes for phrasing development -Introduction to multiphonics for tone development -Introduction to harmonics for tone development -Review of the three Bb fingerings, simple and compound meter, dotted rhythms, syncopation -Introduction to mordents and grace notes -17 Duets -15 Teacher and Student Resource Pages -76 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand. Also available in digital format.
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