The Complete Piccolo

A Comprehensive Guide to Fingerings, Repertoire, and History

Gippo (editor), Wacker (editor), Williams (editor), Jan Gippo (author), Laurie Sokoloff (author), et al.


  • Piccolo


Here it is, the secret is out! THE book for every piccoloist starts with a comprehensive guide to the all-important fingerings for the smallest flute. If you are using the traditional fingerings, the same used for the flute, you need this book. The piccolo is not the flute, and requires its own approach for effective performance. Jan “Mr. Piccolo” Gippo provides all of the primary fingerings, along with many alternatives that help to solve problems in sonority and blend with other instruments. This is something he has studied over many seasons as the piccoloist for the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. He then offers all of the trill fingerings, as well. There follows an excellent overview of the history and importance of the piccolo, as well as an exhaustive and comprehensive repertoire listing, an invaluable resource all on its own. This important 64-page guide to the piccolo is printed in octavo size for convenience and attractively priced for every piccoloist.
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Dedication: My Wife Jane Carl My Sons Jessie and Kiva, their wives Carrie and Melissa, And to my most cherished gifts, my granddaughters Leigha Lyn, Isabel Rose, and Clare Elise, And to the Patriarch of the entire clan, my father Kristian Gippo
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Comprehensive Fingerings for the piccolo
Trill Fingerings for the piccolo
The History of the piccolo
Piccolo Repertoire
Piccolo Solos with Band
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