Art Songs and Spirituals

By African American Women Composers

King (composer), Moore (composer), Price (composer), Vivian Taylor (editor), et al.


  • Voice
  • Piano
Full Score
This is a must-have collection of spirituals and composed works by a variety of African-American composers. No voice teacher should be without this essential resource.
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King: Calvary (spiritual) (1954)
King: In the Springtime (1976)
King: It's Me, O Lord (1988)
Moore: Watch and Pray (spiritual) (1972)
Moore: Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee (1977)
Moore: I Am In Doubt (1975)
Moore: Is There Anybody Here That Loves My Jesus (spiritual) (1981)
Moore: Come Down Angels (spiritual) (1978)
Perry: I'm A Poor Li'l Orphan In This Worl' (spiritual) (1952)
Perry: Free At Last (spiritual) (1951)
Bonds: Dry Bones (spiritual) (1946)
Bones: Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Cryin' (spiritual) (1946)
Bonds: The Negro Speaks of Rivers (1942)
Bonds: Three Dream Portraits (1959)
1. Minstrel Man
2. Dream Variation
3. I, Too
Bonds: He's Got the Whole World In His Hands (spiritual) (1963)
Price: My Dream (1935)
Price: Song To The Dark Virgin (1926)
Price: Night (1946)
Price: My Soul's Been Anchored In The Lord (spiritual) (1937)
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