New Liszt Edition Series III Vol. 1

Grosses Konzertstück über Mendelssohns Lieder ohne Worte and Franz Schuberts Grosse Fantasie

Felix Mendelssohn (composer), Franz Liszt (composer)


  • Piano
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Composed in 1834, Liszt's Grand duo is based on material from three pieces from the first book (op. 19b) of Mendelssohn's Songs without Words (no. 1 in E major, no. 6 in G minor, and no. 3 in A major). While Liszt made an almost literal transcription of the first piece, he gave the second and third pieces a much freer arrangement, in the style of concert paraphrases. The large-scale concert piece was premiered by Liszt and Chopin on Christmas Day 1834 in a salon in Paris. The Grand duo was not published in Liszt's lifetime, and has survived as a draft. This volume comes complete with a detailed preface in English, German, and Hungarian containing new research findings, several manuscript facsimiles, and a critical report in English.
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Songs Without Words. No. 1 in E Maj
Songs Without Words. No. 6 in G min
Songs Without Words. No. 3 in A Maj
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