The Fritz Kreisler Collection

Volume 3

Paganini (composer), Tartini (composer), Corelli (composer), Fritz Kreisler (arranger), Eric Wen (editor), Eric Wen (lyricist)


  • Violin
  • Piano


This collection offers works by three of the most influential violinist/composers of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in editions/arrangements by Fritz Kreisler, the celebrated Viennese Violinist and composer. The Corelli and Tartini pieces were all originally composed for solo Violin, with a figured bass that required a keyboard player's knowledgeable realization of the harmonies suggested by the accompanying bassline. Kreisler, as a composer, had an intimate knowledge of the piano and a wonderful and idiosyncratic flair for using traditional harmonic practice. Of the Paganini works, the Caprices, originally composed for Violin Solo, work admirably with Kreisler's 19th century style accompaniments and the additional pieces ("The Witches Dance," the two "Theme and Variations" sets, "Perpetual Motion" Op. 11, and "The Bell," Op.7) unpublished in Paganini's lifetime, were reconstructed from fragments after his death. The collection will be an essential addition to the library of all serious students of the Violin.
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Sonata in D minor
Sarabande and Allegretto
Sonata in G Major
Fugue in A
Caprice No. 24
The Witches' Dance
Theme and Variations
Theme and Variations
Perpetual Motion
Caprice No. 13
Caprice No. 20
The Bell
Three Extra Variations
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