Méditation Hébraïque

for Cello and Piano

Ernest Bloch (composer), Julian Schwarz (editor)


  • Cello
  • Piano


Composed in 1924, Ernest Bloch’s Méditation Hébraϊque is a plaintive and reverent musical reflection that flows through many emotions in a series of uninterrupted movements: Moderato, Allegro deciso, and Moderato. Passionate rubato phrases are flecked with light touches of ornamentation, much like the inflections of a cantor's voice. Hemiola rhythms, dynamic swells, and contrapuntal interaction with the piano lead the soulful voice of the cello to its upper range in a dramatic dialogue that eventually descends to a more subdued and stately resolution. Cellist and teacher Julian Schwarz provides practical fingerings and phrase markings to achieve the alternating bright and warm tone that are essential to adequately express the sacred beauty  of the music.
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Key: C major
Tempo: Moderato (q = 76)
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Product Type: Score and Parts
Accompanied: Accompanied Solo
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ISBN: 978-1-4911-6199-9
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