Power Warm-Up for the Double Bassist

A 15 Minute Warm-Up Routine That Will Enhance Seven Areas of Bass Technique on a Daily Basis

Bill Scott (composer)


  • Double Bass


A good, daily warm-up routine is as valuable for musicians as it is for athletes with benefits beyond simply stretching muscles and getting the fingers, hands and arms nimble. With Power Warm-up, bassists can warm their muscles and ease into a practice regimen while working on seven fundamental areas of technique each day. This program is easily memorized, can be completed in 15 minutes and is designed to offer variety on a daily basis.
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Power Warm-Up - an Overview
Black and White - Chromatic Scales
Modes - Parallel Scales
Broken Chords - Parallel Arpeggios
Tough Thumb - Thumb Position Finger Patterns
Harmony - Double Stops
Romantic Shifts - Portamento Shifts
Speed Shift - FInger Pattern Shifting Blocks
Putting It All Together
Sample Calendar
Power Warm-Up Practice Assignment
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