One-Step Scale System System for Viola

10 Exercises to a Better Left Hand

Helen Callus (composer), Helen Callus (editor), Michael Lieberman (editor)


  • Viola


World-renowned soloist and Professor of Viola at University of California, Santa Barbara and The Colburn Music Academy, Helen Callus presents her comprehensive, multi-point system of creating a solid foundation for left-hand technique. One-Step Scale System for Viola contains insights that Callus has used with her students for the past twenty years. The thorough system has been refined and rewritten to create a trim but thorough program for all ages - from the early student to the advanced. Scales, double-stops, intervals and other musical aspects are examined with the goal of achieving mechanical/technical flexibility one needs before studying a piece. A welcome addition to the study of viola that will remain with each student as they grow.
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About Helen Callus
Part 1 - Single Notes
Part 2
A. Double Stops in Seconds
B. Double Stops in Thirds
C. Double Stops in Fourths
D. Double Stops in Sixths
E. Double Stops in Sevenths
F. Double Stops in Octaves
Part 3
A. Interval Leaps: Single Notes
B. Interval Leaps: Double Stops
Part 4
A. Whole-Tone Scales: Single Notes
B. Whole-Tone Scales: Double Stops
Part 5 - Tonal keys: Single Notes
Part 6 - Double-Stop Tunes
Part 7 - Walking Sixths and Eighths
Part 8
A. Sequences of Scale-Like Single Notes
B. Sequences of Scale-Like Double Notes
Part 9 - Optional Bowing Variations for Parts 1, 2, 4 and 5
Part 10 - Create Your Own Exercises
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