Selected Etudes for Viola

From Études mélodiques et progressives, Op. 36

Jacques Mazas (composer), Lawrence Wheeler (editor)


  • Viola


Jacques Fereol Mazas (1782-1849) was a French composer, conductor, violinist and pedagogue who is best remembered for a set of 75 Etudes melodiques et progressives, Op. 36 published in three parts: Etudes speciales, Etudes brillantes, and Etudes d-artistes. Viola pedagogue and orchestral musician, Lawrence Wheeler, has meticulously edited 33 etudes selected from Book One (Nos. 1-30) and Book Two (Nos. 31-56), chosen for their musical and developmental benefit. Fingerings have been adapted for the viola, and clef changes reflect modern practice. Each etude is appropriate as audition repertoire and includes alternate fingerings and bowings. Teachers and students alike will find in this book a welcome new addition to the teaching repertoire for viola.
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Etudes speciales Op 36 Book 1 No. 1 - No. 29
Etudes brillantes Op 36 Book II No. 31 - No 56
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