The Art of Violin Playing

Book Two: Artistic Realization and Instruction; Second Edition

Carl Flesch (composer), Eric Rosenblith (editor)


  • Violin


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Section I. General Musical Elements Connected with Performance on the Violin
Section I: A. Meter and Rhythm
Section I: B. Ornamention
Section I: C. Articulation
Section I: D. Dynamics
Section I: E. Tempo and Its Alterations (Agogics)
Section I: F. Phrasing
Section I: G. Feeling for Style
Section II. Violinistic-Technical Elements Relating to Performance
Section III. Personality: Human and Artistic
Section III: A. The Human Personality
Section III: B. The Artistic-Violinistic Personality
Section IV. Inhibiting Factors Affecting Public Performance
Section IV: A. Impediments Relating to Space and Surroundings
Section IV: B. Impediments Relating to Physical Factors
Section IV: C. Obstacles and Hindrances of a Violinistic Nature
Section IV: D. Visual Impediments and Hindrances
Section IV: E. Acoustic Impediments
Section IV: F. Spiritual-Emotional Obstacles
Section III. Personality: Human and Artistic
Section VI. Teaching
Editor's Preface to the Appendices
Appendix I: Johann Sebastion Bach
Appendix II: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Appendix III: Giovanni Battista Viotti
Appendix IV: Ludwig van Beethoven
Appendix V: Louis Spohr
Appendix VI: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Appendix VII: Henri Vieuxtemps
Appendix VIII: Robert Schumann
Appendix IX: Johannes Brahms
Appendix X: Pietro Nardini
Appendix XI: Rubato in Hungarian Folkloristic Violin Music
Index of Subjects
Index of Musical Examples
Index of Names
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