Wohlfahrt Intermediate Studies In First Position for Viola

Sitt (composer), Danbe (composer), Conte (composer), Amy Rosen (editor)


  • Viola
Methods and Studies
This book introduces the essential elements of the famous Wohlfahrt etudes to the early viola player. It is also designed to improve the technical facility and musicianship of the young violist and includes intermediate-level studies on bowing and rhythmic content. Downloadble PDF Piano Accompaniment
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How to Use This Book
About Amy Rosen
Viola Fingering Chart
The Four Open Strings and the Notes to be Played on Them in First Position, Op.38
Values of the Notes and Rests
Key of D Major
Fourth Finger exercises
Key of C Major
Key of F Major
Dotted Half-note Practice
Key of A Major
Key of E Major
Key of D Major
Sixteenth-note Practice
Key of Bb Major
Key of Ab Major
Key of Db Major
Practice in Using Different Parts of the Bow
Slurring from one String to Another
Practice with Rests
Exercises in Bowing over two strings- Double Stops
Practice Reading Accidentals
Exercises with #,b, and natural signs
Practice with Dotted Quarter Notes
Practice with Tied Notes
Practice with Syncopated Notes
Romance without Words
Petite Gavotte
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