60 Melodic Etudes

for Acoustic and Electric Bass

John Patitucci (composer)


  • Double Bass
  • Electric Bass


This book, from one of the most popular bass players in the business, brings players great tools to improve their skills. Bass players can advance their knowledge of the fingerboard, improve intonation and time, develop flexibility and work though modes and scales presented in the book. This work combines music and technique in one powerful package!
Dedication: I would like to thank God, my wife Sachi, and my daughters–Gracie and Bella, and all the other members of my family especially my brother Thomas, my Mom and Dad, and sisters. Thanks are also due to Chris Poehler, David Baker and all of the other teachers I have had in my musical journey to this point (whose names could take up as many pages as this book). Thanks also to the many musicians I have worked with who have inspired me and taught me (another very long list) and to Sandy Feldstein and John Castellano for urging me to write this book. Special Thanks to Mindy Sax, for the preliminary music copying. Finally, thanks also to all the folks at Carl Fischer for the fine work and support, especially Alex Teploff.
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
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Accompanied: Unaccompanied Solo
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-5705-8
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PART I: 60 Melodic Etudes
PART II: 60 Melodic Scales
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