My First Wohlfahrt

An Introduction to Franz Wohlfahrt's Etudes

Amy Rosen (arranger), Amy Rosen (editor)


  • Viola
Methods and Studies
This is an introduction to the vital aspects of the famous Wohlfahrt exercises. Novice players can expect to improve their technical capability and musicianship the way the Wohlfahrt etudes have for over a century. It serves as a fantastic preparation for these ever-popular studies, and it will brace those students wanting more specialized instruction. My First Wohlfahrt for the Developing Viola Student is designed to work both in an individual and group setting, and is a priceless tool to take the young violist to the next level of playing.
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Viola Fingering Chart (Finger Patterns in First Position)
The Four Open Strings and the Notes to be Played on Them in First Position, Op. 38
Values of Notes and Rests
Key of D Major
Key of G Major
Key of C Major (Tow Octaves)
Key of F Major
Key of A Major
Key of E Major
Key of D Major (two Octaves)
Key of Bb Major
Key of Eb Major
Key of Ab Major
Key of Db Major
Playful Rondo-- W. Green
Polka, Op. 123, No. 6--Charles Dancla
On Wings of Song, Op. 34, No. 2-- Felix Mendelssohn
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