Mastering the Bow (Part 1)

Studies for Bass - Based on the Violin Studies of Franz Wohlfahrt


  • Double Bass


The goal of this book is to help bassists expand their tonal vocabularies: to learn to make a wide variety of colors and shapes with music. The left hand makes no sound; it is the bow that creates articulations, rhythms, and rises and falls within a phrase. Using the famous Franz Wohlfahrt Studies for Violin as the basis, Gaelen McCormick has selected and edited these etudes to teach and reinforce bowing techniques for the bass. Quite simply, there is no other book out there for string bass players that addresses bow technique in this manner, and Mastering the Bow will greatly enhance the pedagogical repertoire for the instruction of the bass. All bassists should have this as part of their study materials. For beginning to intermediate players.
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Glossary of Bowing Terms
Detache Exercises
String Crossing and Shifting
Dividing the Bow: Placement
Compound Triple Meter: Triplets
Martele Exercises
Martele Introduced
Combining Martele with Slurs
Appendix: A Fuller Exploration of Bowing Terms, Multiple Definitions in Use
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