Complete Technique for Cello

417 Exercises include 63 Musical Studies in Positions 1 through 5


  • Cello


From the author of the popular ABCs of Strings method, Janice Tucker Rhoda’s Complete Technique for Cello suits the advanced beginner to upper level student wishing to learn or improve left hand and right bow-arm skills. Starting in first position, and proceeding carefully through the higher positions, this method book uses studies and exercises to demonstrate specific technical ideas.
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Memorize the Notes
Key of D Major
Check Intonation with Double-Stop Octaves
Legato Slur or Smooth Slur
Slur Study in D Major
Staccato and Legato Slur Study
Duplets and Triplets Study
Improvisational Mary Had A Little Lamb
Improvisational Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Improvisational Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Key of G Major
Bowing Study in G Major
Key of C Major
4th Finger Strengthening Exercises
Arm Swing Technique for Left Arm and Bow Arm
Quick Fingers Exercise
Slow Bow Control Exercise
Advanced Straight Bow
Balancing Exercise
Octave Study in C Major
Fiddle Study in D Major
March Study in G Major
Windmill Study in G Major
Ship Study in C Major
Key of F Major
Study in F Major
Key of Bb Major
Détaché Study in Bb Major
Martelé Study in Bb Major
Détaché and Staccato Study Bb Major
Key of Eb Major
Slur Study in Eb Major
Key of F and C Major
Chord and Double-Stop Study in C Major
Key of D Major
Extended First Position
Spiccato Study in D Major
Key of A Major
Study in A Major
Second Position
Study in G Major
Study in D Major
Chromatic Study in D Major
Quick Shift Study in A Major
Spiccato Study in A Major
Study in C Major
Scale and Arpeggio Study in G Major
Extended Second Position
Study in C Major
Study in G Minor
Third Position
Spiccato Study in G Minor
Scale, Arpeggio, Broken Thirds
Study in F Major
Concerto Study in D Minor
Position Study in Bb Major
Position Study in Eb Major
Chromatic Scale
Chromatic Study
Extended Third Position
Study in D Major
Study in G Major
Fourth Position
Scale Study in C Major
Scale Study in F Major
Scale Study in G Major
Spirito Study in G Major
Détaché Study in G Major
Spiccato Study in F Major
Extended Fourth Position
Harmonic Study in D Major
Lower Fourth Position, Half Position
Study in A Minor
Study in D Minor
Concerto Study in G Minor No. 1
Concerto Study in G Minor No. 2
Concerto Study in C Major
Concerto Study in G Major
Harmonic Study in G Major
Détaché Study in G Major
Syncopation Study in D Major
Spiccato and Martelé Study in C Major
Concerto Study in G Major
Concerto Study in Eb Major
Fifth Position
Study in F Major
Study in Bb Major
Study in D Major
Arpeggio Study in D Major
Sonata Study in D Major
Martelé Study in F Major
Study in C Major
Concerto Study in Bb Major
Three Octave Study in C Major
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