Salaam Aleikum

for Unison (Sop. 1) or SS with Piano or SA, SSA Voices, a cappella, with Optional Piano and Percussion

African Folksong (composer), Laura Farnell (arranger)


  • Soprano 1
  • Soprano 2
  • Alto
  • Piano
  • Percussion (opt.)
Salaam Aleikum
Laura Farnell
Salaam Aleikum
Laura Farnell


This fabulous arrangement can fit any sized group.  Written for unison, S, SS or SSA, a cappella with optional keyboard and percussion, your ensemble will love singing "Salaam Aleikum," translated into English as “Peace be with you.” The exuberantly spoken “Ho-yahs!” throughout the piece are interspersed with the aforementioned text. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any concert or festival. Also available for TTB Voices (CM9246), SA(A)B Voices (BL1226) and  SATB Voices (BL1233).
SKU: BL1200
Ensemble: Treble Chorus
Duration: 3:03
Key: F major
Tempo: q = 108
Language: en
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
UPC: 6-72405-01052-8
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