Two Spanish Folksongs

Unison, optional Two-Part, accompanied

Latin American Folk Song (composer), Bruce Trinkley (arranger)


  • Voice 1 (Part )
  • Voice 2 (Part) (opt.)
  • Piano
Two Spanish Folksongs 1. Riqui, Riqui Riquirr√°n
Two Spanish Folksongs 2. El Capotín


This is a delightful pairing of two Latin American folk songs, arranged by Bruce Trinkley. "Riqui, Riqui" is a rhythmic nonsense song sung by children throughout Latin America, and "El Capotín" is actually two songs in itself that have long been sung together with great lyrical contrast. I - 0:30, II - 1:20
SKU: BL607
Ensemble: Unison and Two-Part Chorus
Key: D major
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
UPC: 6-72405-00607-1
1. Riqui, Riqui Riquirrán
2. El Capotín
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