Eye of the Universe

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in B, Bass Clarinet in B, ...


Boundless mysteries lie at the center of the universe. As the music travels from one end to the other, the vast spectacles of matter and light are described by low melodies and twinkling harmonies with the great eye at the center, peering at the vastness of space. Students will love these dramatic melodies and harmonies that help the young ensemble sound advanced and mature. Straightforward rhythms support emerging ensemble skills, and all sections play melodic phrases, creating a vivid and commanding performance. Incorporate suggested STEAM curriculum ideas to create a vivid and commanding performance.
Ensemble: Concert Band
Grade: 1
Duration: 1:36
Key: E major
Tempo: Allegro Mysterioso (q = 120)
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Product Type: Score and Parts
UPC: 6-80160-92529-2
ISBN: 978-1-4911-6624-6
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