Camp Jam: Rock Solid: Guitar

Rock Technique for Beginners

Steve Freeman (composer)


  • Guitar


Camp Jam: Rock Solid: Guitar is jam-packed with techniques to have you playing like a pro! The 'Rock Rhythm and Grooves' section covers everything you need to know about chords and rhythm playing, 'Rock Chops' refines skills to get you soloing like a true rock star, and 'Rock Styles' includes helpful playing tips and tricks on all of the different styles and eras of Rock music. Author and guitar instructor Steve Freeman is the National Director of Camp Jam, and his years of experience as a professional guitarist will have you learning from one of the best in the business!
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Preface by Steve Freeman
About Steve Freeman
Basics of Music
Section One
Rhythm & Grooves Intro
Major and Minor Open Chords, Strum Patterns, Switching Chords
Using Multiple Strum Patterns
Rhythm & Grooves 1
The Blues Progressions in the Key A
Seventh Chords
Jazzin' Up the Blues with Ninth Chords
Embellished Chord Moves
The Blues in Other Keys
Chord Moves for "Walking Blues" in the Key of A
Rock Chops 1
Warm ups
The A-Minor Pentatonic Scale
Jam Progressions for the A minor Pentatonic Scale
Techniques Every Rock Guitarist Should Know
Rock Styles 1
Roman Numerals for Chords
Open Power Chords
Fretted Power Chords
Boogie Patterns
Variations of Boogie Patterns
Moving the Blues/Boogie Pattern to Other Keys
Section Two
Rhythm & Grooves 2
Power Chords
Power Chords on the 5th and 6th Strings
Open Position Power Chords
Rock Chops 2
Riffs on the Minor-Pentatonic Scale
Moving the Minor-Pentatonic Scale to Other Keys
Rock Styles 2
Arpeggiated and Sustaining Chords
Section Three
Rhythm & Grooves 3
Barre Chords
Barre Chords
Mute Strums
Rock Chops 3
The Blues Scale
The A minor blues scale
The A minor blues scale
The E minor blues scale
The E minor blues scale
The Blues Scale In Rock
Rock Styles 3
Drop-D Tuning
Power Chords in Drop-D
Other Chords in Drop-D
Some Open Chords in Drop-D
Drop-C Tuning
Section Four
Rhythm & Grooves 4
Triad Construction
Twelve Master Triad-Shape Positions
Moving the Triad-Shape Positions Around the Neck
Rock Chops 4
The Major Pentatonic Scale
The Three-Fret Rule
Getting a Bluesy Sound by Shifting up Three Frets
Progressions to Jam on Using the A-Major and A-Minor Pentatonic Scales
Using the Three-Fret Rule with Licks
Using the Three-Fret Rule with the Blues Scale
Rock Styles 4
Major Chords Using Embellishments
Minor Chords Using Embellishments
Seventh Chords Using Embellishments
Section Five
Rhythm & Grooves 5
Open Chord Fills
Power Chord or Barre Chords Fills
Rock Chops 5
Extended Pentatonic Scale Patterns
The A-Major Extended Pentatonic Scale Pattern - Form 1
The A-Minor Extended Pentatonic Scale Pattern - Form 1
The C-Major Extended Pentatonic Scale Pattern - Form 2
The C-Minor Extended Pentatonic Scale Pattern - Form 2
Rock Styles 5
Double Stops
The A-Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scale Patterns
How to Read Tab
Parts of the Guitar

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