Camp Jam: Rock Solid: Keyboards

Rock Technique for Beginners

Pete Orenstein (composer)


  • Keyboard
  • Piano
Methods and Studies; Book with Download
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Camp Jam: Rock Solid: Keyboard is jam-packed with techniques to have you playing like a pro! The "Rock Rhythm and Grooves" section covers everything you need to know about chord inversions and voicings, "Rock Chops" develops your skills by building knowledge and technique through scales, and "Rock Styles" includes helpful playing tips and tricks on all of the different styles and eras of Rock music. Includes a handy reference section containing chords and scales in every key for quick review. Author and keyboard instructor Pete Orenstein's years of experience as a professional keyboard player will have you learning from one of the best in the business!
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Preface by Peter Orenstein
About Peter Orenstein
Basics of Music
Section One
Rock Chops 1
Major Chords
Seventh Chords
The Blues
The Blues Scale
Rhythm & Grooves 1
Chord Inversions
Moving Between Chords
Minor Chords
Three Types of Seventh Chords
The Major-Seventh Chord
The Minor-Seventh Chord
The Seventh Chord
Different Ways of Moving Between Chords
Rock Styles 1
Chords Progressions
The Boogie Pattern
Section Two
Rock Chops 2
Review of Seventh Chords
Minor Chords
Minor-Seventh Chords
The Major Pentatonic Scale
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Rhythm & Grooves 2
The Minor-Seventh Chord
The "Sus" Chord (sus4)
The Altered-Bass Chord
Rock Styles 2
A-Blues Scale
More with the Major Pentatonic Scale
More with the Minor Pentatonic Scale
Section Three
Rock Chops 3
Major Scales with Fingering
Playing Chords with Both Hands Together
Major Scales in Octaves
Rhythm & Grooves 3
The Diminished Chord
The Augmented Chord
Rock Styles 3
Exploring Voicings, Bass Lines, Arpeggios and Soloing
Section Four
Rock Chops 4
Minor Scales with Fingering
Chord Scales
Major Scales in Two Octaves
Rhythm & Grooves 4
Power Chords
Ninth Chords
Sharp-Ninth Chords
Minor-Ninth Chords
Rock Styles 4
Soloing Over Chord Progressions
Section Five
Rock Chops 5
Add Chords
Chords Scales Using the Three Types of Seventh Chords
The Harmonic-Minor Scale
Rhythm & Grooves 4 (World Styles)
Latin (Montuno)
Rock Styles 5
Reggae (Bulblin')
Soloing Over Various Rhythm Grooves
The Circle of Fifths
Key Signatures and Chords
Major Scales
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