Yes You Can!

The Band Director’s Guide to Teaching Choirs

Derrick Fox (composer), Denise Eaton (editor), Derrick Fox (author)


Yes, You Can! The Band Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Choirs deals directly with the challenges faced by a teacher transitioning from conducting band to chorus. The handbook pairs pedagogical theory with concrete examples of exercises, techniques, and detailed solutions to common challenges, including dealing with changing voices in a young SATB choir. Fox pulls on his firsthand experience to create a handbook which is essential for the library of any band teacher hoping to teach choirs.
Ensemble: Concert Band
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Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Page count: 60
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ISBN: 978-1-4911-5375-8
MS Soprano
HS Soprano America
MS Alto
HS Alto America
MS Tenor
HS Tenor America
MS Bass
HS Bass America
Cluster chord (Do)
Cluster chord (Sol)
Cluster chord (Major)
1. Chant Solfege - Whispering Hope
2. Chant text - Whispering Hope
3. Sing On Solfege - Whispering Hope
4. Count Singing - Whispering Hope
5. Singing on Text - Whispering Hope
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