Te Tuma Te Papa

Michael Colgrass (composer)
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Using a wide variety of percussion instruments (including Marimba, Vibraphone, Roto-Toms, prepared piano and various household items), Michael Colgrass has written a sensational showpiece for solo percussionist. Moving among four "work stations," the player performs a piece inspired by a delightful, almost childlike image of the creation, derived from Polynesian folklore. As with so many of Colgrass' works, the inspiration of this piece is also the performer who commissioned it, Beverly Johnston. Te Tuma Te Papa is a distinguished and important addition to the solo percussion repertoire by a composer who is also a percussionist himself.
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Duration: 14:00
Publisher: Colgrass Music
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-4032-6
I. Te Tuma and Te Papa Emerging from the Egg
II. Creating Life
III. Satirizing the World
IV. Sounding the Heavens
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