Method for Bassoon

Weissenborn (composer), Milde (composer), Almenraeder (composer), P. Laube (editor), Fred Bettoney (editor), Julius Weissenborn (lyricist), et al.


  • Bassoon


The 160 page volume includes hundreds of music exercises, performance pieces and duets. Also contains a complete fingering chart, trill table and a section on the instrument.
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Historical Sketch of the Bassoon
Parts of the Bassoon
The Reed
Fitting the Reed
Tone and General Characteristics
Position of the Body While Holding the Instrument
Producing the Tone
The German Bassoon
Figure Showing Cord, Position of Hand on Instrument, and Reed
Chromatic Scale for French Bassoon
Chart of Fingering for German Bassoon
Trill Table for German Bassoon
Studies on the Major Scales
Studies on the Minor (Melodic) Scales
Practical Exercises
The Tenor Clef
The Embellishments
Supplement-Daily Studies: Simple and Varied Diatonic Scales
Supplement-Daily Studies: Chords
Scale Exercises in all Keys by C. Almenraeder
Twenty-Five Studies in all Keys by L. Milde, Op. 24
Fifty Bassoon Studies by J. Weissenborn, Op. 8 Vol. 2
Concerto Ungarese by Von Weber, Op. 35
Musical Terms
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