D.I.D. Choi

D.I.D. Choi HeadshotDong-In Danny Choi (b. 1998) is a versatile young composer and musician based in Vancouver. His style reflects a mix of lush Romantic-inspired language, contemporary music, and influences from a cocktail of other genres; it is both accessible and original with a focus on harmony and melody. He has collaborated with various professional ensembles including the Standing Wave, Erato, Nu:BC Ensembles, the Vancouver and Victoria Symphony Orchestras, and the UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. He is also the winner of the 2019 Howard Cable Memorial Prize in Composition.

Largely self-taught in composition, orchestration, and various instruments (piano/keys, clarinet, guitar, drums, saxophone, and cello) starting at age 10, he is fluent in various different genres. His flexibility in classical, choral, jazz, rock, funk, pop, and contemporary church music genres allow him a wide array and pallet in his work.

With a BMus ’20 from the University of British Columbia for Music Composition, Choi hopes to pursue a career as a composer who can connect emotionally with fellow musicians and his audiences in accessible ways and genres through mediums such as film scores.

See more info and works at www.didchoi.com

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