My First Snare Drum

Seth Goldberg (composer)


  • Snare Drum
Methods and Studies
This title reinforces the basic rudiments in a variety of different ways to stimulate muscle memory, technique and musicianship. My First Snare Drum introduces individuals and groups to standard methodology. This innovative approach, including unique “make your own” exercises, has been student tested for many years by drummer and teacher Seth Goldberg. A fun approach to playing the snare drum!
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Whole notes and whole rests
Half Notes and Half notes
Quarter notes and quarter rests
Dotted half notes, dotted half rests
Dotted quarter notes and dotted quarter rests
The flam
Pyramid of Hope
Sixteenth notes and sixteenth rests
The key to understanding rolls
The flamacue
The paradidle
The drag
The double drag
The flamacue
Pyramid No.2
Dotted eight notes and dotted eight rests
Duets No.1
The ratamacue
The flam accent
Lesson No.25
Drag Paradiddle
Duet No.2
Pyramid No.3
Percussive Arts Society Rudiments
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