Drumming Out of the Shadows

The Music Of Jason Bittner and Shadows Fall

Jason Bittner (composer), Joe Bergamini (lyricist)


  • Drum Set
Methods and Studies; Book with CD or DVD
Drumming Out of the Shadows covers three Shadows Fall albums and contains exclusive interviews, note-for-note transcriptions of the drum parts of 15 Shadows Fall songs – personally edited by Bittner, diagrams of drum setups, personal memories from the studio, a special section of double bass drum exercises and photos from Bittner’s private collection. The supplemental CD is the entire The War Within album, which won the 2005 Modern Drummer Readers Poll Award for Best Recorded Performance, taken from the band’s original master, but with the drum parts taken out so the listener can have the unique experience of playing with the band.
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About Jason Bittner
About the Author: Joe Bergamini
About the Author: Willie Rose
Notation Key
Double Bass Crash Course
Part 1: Building Blocks
Part 2: Filling the Gaps
Part 3: Shifting Gears
Interview with Jason Bittner, Part 1
The Art of Balance
The Art of Balance - Drum Setup
The Art of Balance - "Thoughts without Words"
The Art of Balance - "Destroyer of Senses"
The Art of Balance - "The Idiot Box"
The War Within
The War Within - Drum Setup
The War Within - "The Light That Blinds"
The War Within - "Enlightened by the Cold"
The War Within - "Act of Contrition"
The War Within - "What Drive the Weak"
The War Within - "Stillness"
The War Within - "Inspiration on Demand"
The War Within - "The Power of I and I"
The War Within - "Ghosts of Past Failures"
The War Within - "Eternity Is within"
The War Within - "Those Who Cannot Speak"
Fallout from the War
Fallout from the War - Drum Setup
Fallout from the War - "In Effigy"
Fallout from the War - "Will to Rebuild"
Fallout from the War - "Going, Going, Gone"
Interview with Jason Bittnes, Part 2
Discography / Recommended Listening
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