A New Language for Mastering The Brushes

Clayton Cameron (composer), Karla Cameron (editor)


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Methods and Studies; Book with Download

This special edition combines all the elements from the successful book, Brushworks (Book/Audio) with it’s namesake video content to give players of all levels the opportunity to form not only an aural connection to the materials in the book, but also to see every stroke and technique while bringing the concepts to life. Winner of the 2007 Modern Drummer Magazine Poll. Brushworks is the first publication to ever devise a system of notation for brushstrokes and brush effects within traditional percussion methods, created by THE Brushman, Clayton Cameron, who has performed, recorded and toured behind artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Christina Aguilera.

Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-7182-5
About the Author
Chapter 1: Nuances of the Brush
Chapter 2: The Traditional Swing Pattern
Chapter 3: Ballads and Medium-Tempo Patterns
Chapter 4: The Staccato Sweep
Chapter 5: Specialty Strokes and Patterns
Chapter 6: Brush Rudiments
Chapter 7: Solos
Chapter 8: Artist Transcriptions
Glossary of Terms

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