The Guitar Grimoire: Scales and Modes

Adam Kadmon (author)


  • Guitar


The Guitar Grimoire Harmony and Theory is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Best of all, scales are graphed out for you in all twelve keys so you can start using them immediately while you learn. Complete explanation of all five-, six-, seven- and eight-tone scales and modes. This is the only book you'll ever need on scales and modes! It’s an encyclopedia with over 6,000 diagrams, charts and graphs. The essential volume for every guitarist' library.
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Product Type: Methods and Studies
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-2171-4
How to Use this Book
The Building Blocks of Music
Scales and Modes
Modes and Relative Scales
Chord Naming System
The Patterns
Intervals and Instrument
Scales: Major
Scales: Melodic Minor
Scales: Harmonic Minor
Scales: Harmonic Major
Scales: Hungarian Minor
Scales: Hungarian Major
Scales: Neapolitan Minor
Scales: Neapolitan Major
Scales: Enigmatic Minor
Scales: Enigmatic
Scales: Composite II
Scales: Ionian flat-5
Scales: Locrian natural-7
Scales: Persian
Five Tone Scales: Minor Pentatonic (Blues Scale)
Five Tone Scales: Kumoi
Five Tone Scales: Hirojoshi
Six Tone Scales: Whole Tone
Six Tone Scales: Augmented
Six Tone Scales: Pelog
Six Tone Scales: Dominant Sus
8 Tone Scales: Diminished
8 Tone Scales: 8 Tone Spanish
8 Tone Scales: Bebop Locrian natural-2
8 Tone Scales: Bebop Dominant
8 Tone Scales: Bebop Dorian
8 Tone Scales: Bebop Major
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